Let's Ride Dreamer (PC, 2005)

Let's Ride Dreamer (PC, 2005)

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Let's Ride! Dreamer continues the computer horse riding series with a storyline from the 2005 DreamWorks film starring Kurt Russell and Dakota Fanning. Players are free to care for the movie's horse, Sonya, or create a custom mount by choosing its color, mane, and name. The adventure mode involves talking to various stable hands, completing daily grooming tasks, and working on specific chores. By entering various riding competitions, the horse will gradually improve its power, endurance, and speed. In between competitions, players can create custom jumping courses, trot through forests, meadows, and around a lake, or challenge friends in dressage and jumping tournaments to win ribbons, saddles, outfits, and more.

Tech Details

Release Year 2005

Key Features

Rating E - Everyone
Genre Sports
Platform PC

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Brand ValuSoft