NBA Live 15 (Microsoft Xbox One, 2014)

NBA Live 15 (Microsoft Xbox One, 2014)

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With the inclusion of real-time physics, improved controls and better graphics that show the finer details of each individual player and the courts, ‘NBA Live 15’ for Xbox One doesn't hold back when it comes to providing a realistic experience. To compete with other Xbox One games, ‘NBA Live 2015’ for Xbox One includes more than 100 animations designed specifically for the game to ensure each star player can perform his own special signature shots to add to the adrenaline. Available as a physical disc or an Xbox One digital copy, ‘NBA Live 15’ for Xbox One features multiple game modes, such as Live Season, as well as new modes like the Jordan Rising Star mode, specifically guiding players through the career of basketball star Michael Jordan.

Tech Details

Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Release Year 2014

Key Features

Rating E - Everyone
Genre Sports
Platform Microsoft Xbox One

Other Features

Brand EA Sports